Last chance to get your band involved!

In 2011 the Surface Festival will be organising over 500 shows across 14 cities in the UK and Europe.  Shows will take place in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff, Swansea, Barcelona and Budapest.

The deadline for entry into the 2011 Festival is 31st January 2011, so this is your last chance to get involved!

You can still apply after the deadline however Surface Festival cannot guarantee that your application will be vetted. Only back-up slots will be filled. To ensure your application will be considered you must apply before 31st January 2011!

To apply to the Festival visit

The Surface Festival works in association with 24 international sponsors that cover all bases for a band. Surface Festival and their sponsors award prizes and opportunities to new and undiscovered bands totaling in excess of £100,000.

Marshall is just one of the international sponsors that have supported the Surface Festival since its birth in 2006. Marshall amplifiers are among one of the most recognized icons in popular music with the classic Marshall Stack being one of the defining images on any stage. Jay Mitchell from Surface Festival is delighted that they have renewed their sponsorship for the 5th year running: “Surface Festival is all about providing amazing opportunity for new and up-and-coming bands. Bands play through Marshall rigs at all of our shows and we have some great Marshall prizes on offer. Over the last 5 years we have a developed a close relationship with Marshall”

Joel Manan from Marshall is also enthusiastic: “Marshall are extremely excited to be working with the Surface Festival for 2011. This event is truly inspiring for all involved.”

Ashdown are also renewing sponsorship for the 5th year running. Since 2006 Surface Festival has put on over 5,000 shows and has used Ashdown Evo rigs at each of the shows. Dan Gooday from Ashdown says: “Ashdown have supported Surface from the start, it is a great event that provides bands with unprecedented opportunities. We’re really looking forward to working with them again in 2011.” 

With the countdown on for Surface Festival events to commence in February 2011, Surface Festival’s other sponsors are also looking forward to what 2011 has to offer:

Ents24’s Adele Taylor, the UK’s biggest entertainment guide: ” It’s great to see the Surface Festival return with some fresh ideas for 2011. We’re really looking forward to working with them in 2011.”D’Addario‘s Elaine Smith: “We are very excited about working with Surface again for the next year as they have BIG ideas!”Guitar Nation’s John Hill, the UK’s largest guitar exhibition: “The Surface Festival has provided bands with great opportunities over the past years. The winning band of 2011 will play on Guitar Nation’s main stage. We can’t wait to find out which band it will be.”

Creative Junkie Media‘s Phil Berridge: “Surface Festival provides me with the opportunity to work with new and upcoming bands/artists which I may have never discovered without Surface Festival. The credibility of the festival and the other sponsors is so high, it will be great.”

Other Surface Festival sponsors include Zimbalam – one of the largest digital distributers in the world, PMT music stores, Jumbocruiser Tour Buses, Tama Drum Kits, Sziget Fest – one of Europe’s largest music festivals, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans drum heads, – world-wide music recommendation service, Ibanez quality guitars, CheckMineOut T-shirts and merchandise, – gig exchange service, Dominic Nicholls Photography, Planet Waves accessories, Ritter Bags, Univibe Audio recording provision, Band.seo-it-right – an online marketing service, and Quite Great music PR. 

Jay Mitchell stresses “We’ve tried to cover all bases for a band with the sponsors we’ve got involved. These are the kind of people and companies that bands should be working with in order to move forward in their music career. 2011 is going to be massive.”

To apply to the Surface Festival and for further info visit

“If you want to get involved, get your application in as quickly as possible!”


About surfacefestival

The Surface Festival is a European live music event. We are a festival of new music held throughout Europe in aid of discovering and promoting new talent. Surface Festival 11, is working in association with Zimbalam, Marshall,, Last.FM, Ashdown, Planet Waves, D'Addario, PMT, Tama, Zildjian, Shure, Univibe, Dominic Nicholls Photography, Guitar Nation, Ibanez, Band SEO, Quite Great P.R., Ritter, Sziget Fest, Jumbocruiser, Gig the Nation and Oxjam to develop alternative ways for band and artists to gain exposure and develop their fan base. 2011 In 2011 events will be held in cities throughout the U.K. and Europe. For band and artists that reach the final stages of the Festival, both Surface Festival and our sponsors will award with prizes and opportunities in excess of £100,000.
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