Sziget Fest looking forward to Surface winners 2010: Great Imitation

From 8 – 15 August 2011 Sziget Fest in Budapest is once again ‘Meeting Point Europe’ for music and party lovers from all over the continent. Held during the warmest month in Hungary the festival attracts more foreign visitors than any other festival: 12.000 Dutch, 8.000 French, 5.000 Germans, 5.000 Italians, and tens of thousands from all other European countries. The quality of the Hungarian festival is winning the hearts of many festival goers in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Sziget Fest has played host to a number of internationally famous acts such as Faithless, Iron Maiden, Muse, Enter Shikari, and Kasabian to name a few. Now Sziget Fest has introduced a new stage for international band competition winners – in 2011 Great Imitation, the winners of Surface Festival 2010 will represent the UK on this stage.

Elroy Thuemmler from Sziget Fest says: “We are really looking forward to having Great Imitation play at Sziget Fest. It will be a great chance to bring the nations of Europe together.”

Sziget attracts 60,000-70,000 visitors per day. There are many reasons to explain the international success of Sziget Festival. Apart from the line-up and wide variety of activities like swimming, karaoke, lessons in Hungarian or bellydancing, the location is one of them. The festival is held in a park on the Sziget Island in the heart of Budapest. The diversity, quality and price of food and beverage at Sziget are incomparable with other festivals. A pint of premium beer will set you back £1.50, and for £3 you can make your choice between Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Hungarian, vegetarian or fast food.

The moment you set foot on the island in the Danube river a sense of freedom emerges. Visitors are free to set up their tent wherever they like. Next to their favorite stage/bar or near the riverbanks of the Danube. Staying in a hostel in the city centre is also possible, as is bringing your campervan. Visitors are able to leave and enter the festival site as often as they like making Sziget an excellent destination for a city trip as well. With all of this going for it, it’s no surprise Great Imitation are looking forward to performing at the festival.

Ryan from Great Imitation says: “It is a great opportunity to play at such an internationally renowned event. We can’t wait to win over European festival goers.”

Hungarians, Italians, Dutch, French, Germans, Russians, all of you be prepared for Great Imitation!

Want your band to be in with the chance to play at Sziget Fest? Sign up to the Surface Festival:

For more information on Sziget Fest see:
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About surfacefestival

The Surface Festival is a European live music event. We are a festival of new music held throughout Europe in aid of discovering and promoting new talent. Surface Festival 11, is working in association with Zimbalam, Marshall,, Last.FM, Ashdown, Planet Waves, D'Addario, PMT, Tama, Zildjian, Shure, Univibe, Dominic Nicholls Photography, Guitar Nation, Ibanez, Band SEO, Quite Great P.R., Ritter, Sziget Fest, Jumbocruiser, Gig the Nation and Oxjam to develop alternative ways for band and artists to gain exposure and develop their fan base. 2011 In 2011 events will be held in cities throughout the U.K. and Europe. For band and artists that reach the final stages of the Festival, both Surface Festival and our sponsors will award with prizes and opportunities in excess of £100,000.
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